Ramo da' Olivo brings a taste of the good life to Bentonville

March 06, 2015
Contact: Laura Brown                                                                                                   Store Phone: 470-715-6053
Email: ramodolivo@gmail.com          
Ramo d’Olivo brings a taste of the good life to Bentonville
New Olive Oil Tasting Room and Wine Bar now open on S. Main Street
Bentonville, AR 3/05/15…..Ramo d’Olivo a unique shopping and tasting experience opened its doors in Bentonville this week; the venue is the only one of its kind in the area and offers patrons the chance to taste premium olive oil and vinegars. Located at 217 S. Main Street in Bentonville, Ramo d’Olivo also boasts an inviting wine bar which stocks a wide spectrum of domestic and imported wines from Argentina, Italy, and California vineyards. 
‘Our entire concept for Ramo d’Olivo is inspired by unforgettable memories of a recent visit to Italy,” explains co-owner Laura Brown. “We wanted to bring a taste of the Tuscan countryside home to Bentonville, and ended up adding a bit of California ‘wine country style’ to mix things up a bit.”
The fresh olive oil originates from central and northern California at Ramo d’Olivo as many of the domestic varieties trace their roots back to the Mediterranean basin.  The booming olive oil industry is driven in part by the increasing recognition of the health benefits of olive oils and vinegar in the diet, which means Ramo d’Olivo is right on trend.
“Whether you buy imported or local, it’s important to look for purity, taste and freshness when purchasing olive oil. We want to prove to our customers you don’t have to travel  far to get quality olive oil in NW Arkansas,” says Brown.
The wine bar is rustic and decorative.   Laura, along with partner Tom Gheen, renovated one of the old storefronts on S. Main Street to give the venue an authentic ambiance. The actual bar is crafted from wine crates from around the world; the backdrop features decorative wood walls and pendant lights created from wine bottles.
 Laura, a former California resident and longtime Bentonville resident and school teacher,  trekked up and down the California coast, testing olive oil and vinegar at tasting farms such as Vineyards-Opolo & Cinquain, Il fustino, Foxdale farm,  and the Groves on 41. She and Tom carry only organically grown olive products and buy direct from the growers.

“Our vinegar is also made from organically grown fruit in the Central Coast of California, except for the 25 year old STAR Balsamic, which is cultivated from the Trebbiano grape grown on the mountain sides of Modena, Italy,” Brown explains.
Offerings to include small plates with select cheeses and meats. Their hours are Monday through Thursday 11:00am to 8:30pm, Friday and Saturday 11:00am to 9:30pm.For more information, call Ramo d’Olivo at 470-715-6053 or email: ramodolivo@gmail.com or visit http://www.ramodolivo.biz/   
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